Cantilever racks are a superior storage solution in many situations. Compared to standard pallet racks, cantilever racks are :

Easier to use : With no front column in the way, cantilever racks are faster to load and unload, lowering handling time and    costs.

More flexible : Loads may be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row on a cantilever rack.

More compact : The lack of a front column saves horizontal space normally lost to rack structure. Handling clearance is also more    abundant.

More selective : Any load or storage slot is immediately accessible.

More economical : Both reduced handling times and increased space utilization make cantilever racks more cost-efficient.    Additionally, cantilever racks become more economical as load length increases, while standard pallet racks increase in    costs.

More adaptable : Cantilever racks can store nearly any type of load. They are especially useful for storing long, bulky, or oddly-shaped    loads.

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