A carousel is an automated storage and retrieval system for small light weight components like spare parts, electronic & electrical components.

It works on the principle of goods to man, thereby eliminating travel time required by the operator to retrieve the goods. A number of carriers (shelves) are suspended closely on a pair of heavy duty endless chains driven by an electric motor through reduction gear box.

The entire contents of the Carousel can be stocked and retrieved from a single access window situated at a suitable height. Controls provided permit the carrier movements through a shortened path. Retrieval can be done by entering the bin number or the carrier number. Further automation can be provided by microprocessor control and suitable computer software.

Safety features :

Emergency stop button

Fail safe electromagnetic brake

Manual crank for operating in case of power failure

Power trip during manual cranking

Infra-red sensor to prevent Carousel movement during operation

Key benefits :

Utilizes maximum cubic space and high density of storage

Load capacities up to 120 Kgs per carrier and up to 3.5 tons per system

Low footprint

FIFO can be ensured

Specifications :

Overall width : 3200 mm

Carrier width : 2200 mm

Overall depth : 1465 mm

Carrier depth : 240, 310, 385 , 420 mm

Carrier capacity : 125 Kgs

System capacity : 3.5 tons

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