When space is at a premium , ease of operation and aesthetic environs are concerns, MagnaCompactor storage systems (that use over 90 % of the floor area) are the preferred choice.

Compactors are mobile trolley mounted shelving systems that move on rails. These systems have only one access corridor thereby increasing efficiency of storage.

Manual and power options :

A force of less than 5 Kgs by a person is sufficient to move the drive train. However power driven systems may be used for heavier    applications.

100 % safe

A floor lock, securing the fixed block with the mobile blocks, prevents pilferage of costly items. Accidental movements of mobile blocks     is prevented through an aisle lock.

Superior Aesthetics :

The shelving panels and slotted angles are stove-baked or enamel painted. The entire compactor is coated with powder- coated steel     sheets or with decorative laminates.

Applications :

Filing cabinets

Light-weight multiple product storage

Storage of expensive items

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